Vegan Raw Sushi Rolls

To come up with a good vegan raw sushi recipe, I experimented with various substitutes for rice and came up with this recipe that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Ingredientssheets seaweed (nori - dried not roasted) Grated Jicama Tahini sauce

For stuffing: Shredded carrots thinly sliced cucumber ripe avocado enoki mushrooms thinly sliced zucchini sprouts thinly sliced dicon shredded beets shredded red cabbage etc...

Pickled ginger wasabi nama shoyu

Mix shredded jicama and tahini and spread the mixture on half sheet of nori. In the center, stuff with two or three of the stuffing ingredients per roll and roll it using sushi mat. Cut in to one inch pieces and enjoy with nama shoyu, pickled ginger and wasabi.

Try it with some nigori (unfiltered) saki!

You could also use nut pate instead of Jicama for a different taste.

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