Save the Earth - Environmental Considerations

Save the Earth movement is an important element in creating awareness of the devastating impact caused by humans on the environment. All credible scientist through out the world have warned us of the dire consequences for ignoring this issue.

Although everyone talks about the pollution caused by the industry and the automobile but rarely address the fact that almost 30% of greenhouse gases in the USA are produced by the factory farming for meat and dairy.

Factory farms concentrate an unnatural number of animals in one place, which creates an unmanageable amount of waste. For example, a single hog excretes up to 17.5 pounds of manure and urine each day. Put 1,000 hogs together, and that’s six million pounds of waste each year. On a factory farm containing 35,000 hogs, over four million pounds of waste are produced each week, and over 200 million pounds each year a major pollutant.The creation and disposal of such enormous quantities of waste has a devastating effect on the air, water and soil surrounding factory farms.

Unlike human waste, livestock manure is not processed for sanitation. On factory farms it is commonly mixed with water and held in pits (called “lagoons”) the lagoons can leak or spill, which cause it to run off into surface waters.

Did You Know?

• The EPA reports that the waste generated by animal agriculture has polluted over 35,000 miles of river in 22 states.

• Researchers from the Department of Economics at the University of Essex put the annual cost of environmental damage caused by animal farming in the United States alone at $34.7 billion.

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