Raw Food Detox Diet

The Raw Food Detox Diet focuses on the consumption of Raw(living) Food, which contains a sustainable amount of Life Force Energy (syntropy). The lifestyle, the diet presents, is a constant reminder of the bodyís vibrancy, which thrives on the Life Forceís Energy, and not just a mere physical body. According to the diet, there are four fundamental principles, which should be followed to properly tap into natural energy sources.

These principles include the consumption of raw fruits & vegetables, adequate sunlight, and a lot of fresh air. These four principles are the foundations behind the dietís 5 day, 7 day or 14 day program. The diet also includes unique and delectable recipes, which promise not to disappoint. These recipes include a variety of nourishing raw vegetable soups, appetizing entrees, and mouth-watering deserts, which is certified to contain the necessary levels of energy for the dietís practitioners.

Detoxing with raw foods offers the practitioners a new method of revitalizing and giving more value to the body, leaving it stronger and more attractive, both inside and out. The diet was designed to make its practitioners abandon damaging, draining, stressful, unsuccessful, and poor eating practices, which most individuals are accustomed to, and replaces it with a diet that works. Ultimately, The Raw Food Detoxing method introduces a new approach to weight loss, beauty, and health, the right way to live, and a new concept of achieving well-being.

Eating plan requires a lot of juicing, marinating and dehydrating and no cooking. More emphasis was put on fruits and vegetables, and no meat or dairy included; focusing on uncooked, whole, and unprocessed preparation of food. Losing weight is achieved by ridding the body of waste. Much needed enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit when cooked, which obstructs the bodyís metabolism. Uncooked fruits and vegetables, or 'cooked' under the temperature mentioned above, are classified as raw, and increases live enzymes; promoting maximum production in the body.
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