Raw Enchilada Recipe

This a a terrific recipe of raw enchilada for an impressive gourmet experience for someone just experimenting with raw foods or an avid raw foodist. Enjoy.


For Wraps:

4 Cups fresh or frozen corn

1/2 Cup ground flax seeds

1/4 Cup ground sunflower seeds

1/4 Cup lime juice

1/2 Tsp agave nectar

2 Cloves of garlic

1/2 Tsp sea salt

For veggie Filling: Minced sprouted beans or lentils, chopped onions, tomato, zucchini, pepper, grated carrots, salt and spices.

Preparation:Place all wrap ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Pour out to about 1/8" thickness onto a Teflon dehydrator sheet and place in a dehydrator for 3 hours at 110 degrees. Carefully peel off wraps and flip onto mesh dehydrator screen and continue drying for one more hour. Cut into large squares and place veggie filling in center. Roll up, top with favorite salsa, guacamole and nut cheese sauce.

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