My journey to Vegan Life-style

by Sudhir M. Shah
(Cary, NC, USA)

Being raised in India as a lacto-vegetarian, it wasn't until my youth that rebel in me experimented with occasional chicken and fish with my friends. After Moving to the United States, I became an omnivore as it was an easier diet and help me 'blend' with the crowd. I considered myself liberated and 'open minded' and soon took upon myself to convert my vegetarian friends to meat eaters!

When I got married, I naturally expected my lacto-vegetarian bride to become an omnivore. Her first attempt to eat meat (at my insistence)was so painful that I could not see the agony on her face and brought a stop to it. On that instant, I became a vegetarian again.

Over the years, as I got involved in studying religion, philosophy and spirituality, I could not ethically continue consuming milk and other dairy products. Soon I adopted a complete vegan lifestyle. I have been vegan for over a decade now and became an advocate for vegan life style, healthy and raw food diet as well as making exercise and meditation a part of daily activity.

Here are my observations:

I got my first and only cavity during my meat eating years. My teeth have been healthy and strong since I became vegan.

My hair had just starting to turn gray and as I became vegan, they stopped turning gray. Today at 53 I have naturally black hair with an occasional gray!

Cold, sneezing and running nose used to be common during my youth but in last 10 years, I have not had a common cold or running nose.

I have been perfectly healthy and free of any disease for over 10 years.

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