Ethical Vegan Lifestyle a compassionate choice

Who is Ethical Vegan? Although many adopt plant based diet for the health or environmental concerns, majority of vegans consider ethics as the primary motivation for their compassionate life style. These ethical vegans not only adopt a plant based diet, they also obstain from using all animal based product/byproducts. They believe that animals are neither tools nor objects for our use, but rather sentient beings with inherent worth. From this understanding follows a set of specific actions; namely, choosing products that do not require using animals. Or, by the more common definition, not eating meat, dairy, or eggs; not buying leather, silk or wool; avoiding products made by companies that test on animals. Beyond this basic definition, each individual has different opinions about and experiences with being vegan; there is no set list of rules to follow.

By not consuming the products that come from animal exploitation, each individual is making a statement against inhumane practices, undertaking an economic boycott, and supporting the production of plant based products with their subsequent choices. These decisions, and the message they send to others, help to move society away from industries that use animals as property, as a means to human ends.

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