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Vegan Raw Diet is the best source of energy to power us...why?

Sun is the energy source for all living organisms on our planet. All food on earth is a derivative of the captured sunlight through photosynthesis. Vegan raw diet consist of a direct consumption of this captured energy. Instead of settling for second-hand energy and depleted nutrients processed through animal body, we can simply choose the direct, unmolested source from fresh, vibrant plants - it's a no brainer! Vegan and raw food diet facilitates syntropy in our body.

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The vital force syntropy is designed to combat entropy, the scientific principle that says natural physical laws cause everything to fall apart, including the human body. Syntropy works in direct opposition to entropy by creating more order, symmetry and regeneration in living systems. Plant based foods i.e. Vegan and raw food diet is the best way to achieve syntropy in our body. In addition to having an abundence of energy, this will also help you maintain a healthy body weight without having to go through a yo-yo effect of following many of the popular diet plans.

Besides significant health benefits, there are also strong ethical and environmental reasons for adopting vegan and raw food diet. Eat well and Feel Great both internally an externally adopt this healthy plant based diet today!

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